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Next C++ workshop: Recursion (14 February at 19:00 UTC)

Improve your C++ skills with the help of LibreOffice developers! We’re running regular workshops which focus on a specific topic, and are accompanied by a real-time IRC meeting. For the next one, the topics is recursion. Start by watching this presentation:

Coming up on 24 January: next C++ workshop – set and maps

After three successful C++ workshops, where you can learn about the language and put questions to experienced developers, we’re organising another one! This time, the topics are set and maps. Start by watching this presentation:


Next C++ workshop: 10 January 2019 at 19:00 UTC

Yes, we’re running another C++ workshop, where you can watch a video about a specific feature of the language, then join our community of developers for a live discussion! This time, the topic is abstract data types:

Four ways to get started developing LibreOffice

Coming up on December 20: Next C++ workshop

Improve your C++ skills! Last week, we had a workshop covering an introduction to the language, and looking at functions and strings. Participants watched a couple of presentation videos, and then had the opportunity to put questions to experienced LibreOffice developers.

Well, the second workshop is coming up! On December 20 at

Learn C++ with the help of LibreOffice developers

Ever wanted to expand your programming skills, and venture into the world of C++? Well, we’re here to help! On Thursday December 13, at 19:00 UTC, we’ll have a live meeting on our #libreoffice-dev IRC channel, to discuss features of the language and provide help. LibreOffice developers will be available to