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Fundraising, December 9

Thanks to the resources made available by our generous donors, we can organise workshops to educate volunteers about the migration process to LibreOffice

Fundraising, December 8

Consider a donation to the LibreOffice project, to allow the production of swag for free software advocates, volunteers and users, to promote freedom in personal

Fundraising, December 7

Consider a donation to support events organised worldwide by the LibreOffice community

Fundraising, December 6

Consider a donation to help native language projects organise events to improve LibreOffice. In a large country such as Brasil, donations help to reimburse travel

Learn C++ with the help of LibreOffice developers

Ever wanted to expand your programming skills, and venture into the world of C++? Well, we’re here to help! On Thursday December 13, at 19:00 UTC, we’ll have a live meeting on our #libreoffice-dev IRC channel, to discuss features of the language and provide help. LibreOffice developers will be available to

Fundraising, December 5

Consider a donation to LibreOffice to help the project attend events such as FOSDEM and volunteers from all over Europe to participate to the HackFest, staff the booth,