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LibreOffice presentations at FOSDEM 2020 – learn about the technology behind the software

FOSDEM is the biggest European get-together of free and open source software (aka FOSS). And, of course, the LibreOffice community and certified developers were there!

Indeed, many developers and community members gave talks about their recent work – check out these links for the videos and slides…

Main track

LibreOffice hackfest in Brussels, after FOSDEM

Our post-FOSDEM hackfest is underway!

Come meet the LibreOffice community at FOSDEM!

Yes, LibreOffice is at FOSDEM in Brussels – come to our stand (H.A1) and chat with our community – and also grab cool swag! (T-shirts, stickers, candy and more…)

Local event update: LibreOffice at OpenFest in Sofia, Bulgaria

LibreOffice community members attend many events around the world to spread the word about the software, encourage people to get involved, and have fun! We’re really grateful for all their efforts. On November 2 and 3, the OpenFest 2019 took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Gabriele Ponzo was there. Here’s his

LibreOffice community at Czech free software events

Stanislav Horáček writes:

Like every year, we would like to say few words about our impressions and experiences from our Czech free and open source software (FOSS) conferences in autumn. As in the last year, we participate with our LibreOffice booth at LinuxDays in Prague (me and Zdeněk Crhonek), and at OpenAlt

LibreOffice localisation sprint (and other events) in Albania

The Albanian LibreOffice community has been super active in recent years, organising the LibreOffice Conference 2018 in Tirana, and regularly contributing with translation and marketing efforts. Sidorela Uku reports from a recent localisation sprint at Open Labs Hackerspace:

This was the first event I organized for LibreOffice, in collaboration with a friend