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Event reports: LibreOffice in Cyprus and Czech Republic

Throughout the year, LibreOffice community members attend events around the world, helping to promote free software and open standards. We’re really grateful for their work! Today we have a couple of reports from recent events – and we start with Muhammet Kara who has been busy in Cyprus:

I attended the Free Software and Linux Seminar

Meeting the Taiwanese community

I have just visited Taiwan to attend COSCUP, meet representatives of the Taiwanese government and the local community, and run a certification session. Generally speaking, it was a very positive trip, because I was able to get a grasp of the activities at every level. Taiwan is definitely one of the strongholds of The Document Foundation.…

LibreOffice at KDE’s Akademy meetup in Almeria

Collaboration is essential within free and open source software projects – but it’s also important between projects as well. For instance, many LibreOffice users and contributors run it on the GNU/Linux operating system, with KDE as the desktop environment. With this in mind, members of the LibreOffice community attended Akademy, the yearly summit

LibreOffice German community meeting, 23 – 25 June 2017

LibreOffice and Germany have a strong connection. StarOffice, the proprietary office suite that eventually became (and now LibreOffice) came to life in north Germany in the 1980s. Over time, more and more developers got involved, and when the suite became open source a thriving local community was established.

This continues today, and many German-speaking

TDF at MucGov17 BarCamp in Munich

On April 29th, the City of Munich in southern Germany held an event called MucGov17. Subtitled “Digital city – ideas, projects and apps”, it provided an opportunity for people involved with Munich’s IT infrastructure to get together, exchange ideas, and come up with new projects. The Document Foundation (TDF) attended and took part in

Help keep the Calc guide up to date

The Documentation Team Meeting will

take place in May 10th at 17:00 CET

The Calc module of LibreOffice is one of its most complex and extensive applications and one of the most in-demand for documentation, as our measurements of the documentation website clearly show.