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Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! The LibreOffice Draw Guide 7.2 has arrived!

Peter Schofield and the LibreOffice Documentation Team announcs the immediate availability of the Draw Guide 7.2, the update of the Draw Guide for LibreOffice version 7.2.

Draw Guide 7.2

Anyone who wants to quickly acquire knowledge about LibreOffice Draw and is new to drawing software, or may

Writer Guide 7.2 macOS Edition

Thanks to the effort of Jean H. Weber of the LibreOffice Documentation Team, a special edition of the Writer Guide 7.2 for macOS users is now available for download.

Download Writer Guide 7.2 macOS edition

“The changes include translating keyboard keys from the Windows/Linux default to their

2021: The Year the LibreOffice Documentation Team Shined

Seasons Greetings

2021 is ending, so let’s recap our achievements and look forward for 2022. It has been a very tough year for all of us in our professional or personal matters, and for sure worsened by the persisting

LibreOffice Base Guide 7.2 has been released

The LibreOffice Documentation Team releases the Base Guide 7.2, based on refactored content from the Base Guide 6.4, with the 7.2 branding and text layout. It covers LibreOffice’s database component.

Download the Bse Guide 7.2

The team decided to just fast-forward the release number, given the very

The Calc Guide 7.2 is at the Station!

Just days after the release of the Impress Guide 7.2, the LibreOffice Documentation Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the Calc Guide 7.2, that includes the latest developments of the LibreOffice Community 7.2 Calc module.

Download Calc Guide

This 548 pages guide is for

Announcing the Impress Guide 7.2

Thanks to the LibreOffice Documentation Team, the Impress Guide 7.2 has just arrived with the latest LibreOffice Impress 7.2 developments.

Impress Guide 7.2

This 374 pages book covers the main features of Impress, the presentations (slide show) component of LibreOffice. You can create slides that contain text,