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How donations helped us to improve LibreOffice in 2017

Donations to The Document Foundation help us to grow our community, maintain our infrastructure, and continue to improve LibreOffice. Here’s a graphic showing some things that donations enabled us to do in 2017…

Happy Women’s Day

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TDF Chairwoman and Deputy Chairman announced

The Board of Directors of The Document Foundation has confirmed Marina Latini in the role of Chairwoman and appointed Bjoern Michaelsen in the role of Deputy Chairman.

I have used their own words – from the email they have sent to present their candidacy – to describe themselves, although they are both very well know both

The Document Foundation 6th Anniversary

The Document

We Love Free Software, and LibreOffice

Extended: Job Search for a Development Mentor (#201711-01)

We originally posted this in November, but we are now extending the deadline for applications to February 16, 2018. Note that we will be at FOSDEM (building K, level 1, group A) on February 3 and 4, so you can talk to us in person there!

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