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LibreWaterloo: Building the LibreOffice community in Canada

If you’ve seen our LibreOffice contributor map, you’ll note that we have a few community members in north America. (Of course, the map doesn’t show absolutely everyone in the LibreOffice project – just people we’ve interviewed recently.) So we want to grow this community! Marc Paré has set up LibreWaterloo, to:


Annual Report 2018: LibreOffice development

In 2018, 17,473 commits were made to the LibreOffice source code, from 223 authors. Here’s an overview of what they worked on…

Behind the scenes of LibreOffice 6.2

Throughout the second half of 2018, the developer community worked on a new major release: LibreOffice 6.2. Details about the end-user-facing new features are provided

What is the Open Document Format (ODF), and how is it developed?

Regina Henschel is a long-time member of the LibreOffice community, and has worked on ODF, the native file format of the suite. At our recent German community meetup, we talked to her about how ODF is developed, and how users can help to improve it…

Tell us a bit about ODF, and

Start developing LibreOffice! Download the source code, and build on Windows

(This post was originally written in Hungarian by Adam Kovacs for his blog. Thanks Adam!)

In our previous post in this series, we looked at building on Linux. But it’s also possible to download and compile the LibreOffice source code on Windows, so that’s what we’ll demonstrate here!

(Note: if you encounter

Community Member Monday: Jun Nogata

Today we’re talking to Jun Nogata from our Japanese community!

To start, tell us a bit about yourself!

So, I live in Himeji, Japan where UNESCO World Heritage site Himeji Castle is. I work a part-time lecturer at a local university.

I am a big fan of free and open source software (FOSS).

Coming up: Second Bug Hunting Session for LibreOffice 6.3, on July 08

LibreOffice 6.3 is being developed by our worldwide community, and is due to be released in early August 2019 – see the release notes describing the new features here.

In order to find, report and triage bugs, the LibreOffice QA team is organizing the second Bug Hunting Session for LibreOffice 6.3