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LibreOffice and Google Summer of Code 2018 – get involved!

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a yearly programme in which Google funds university students to work on free and open source software projects. LibreOffice has benefited from this – last year 10 students were accepted into GSoC to do various programming jobs, helping to improve the software.

GSoC students are

How LibreOffice and TDF are helping other open source projects

Free and open source software (FOSS) is all about sharing and working together. And while LibreOffice focuses on being the best open source office suite, our community also helps out with other related FOSS projects (just like many other projects help us!). We’ve made an infographic showing “upstream” contributions from LibreOffice developers and The Document

LibreOffice contributor interview: Anxhelo Lushka

This year’s LibreOffice Conference will take place in late September in Albania. One of the organisers is Anxhelo Lushka, a member of the Albanian LibreOffice community – we caught up with him at the last conference to talk about his experiences of building a community, how developers and designers can work together, and what

LibreOffice 6.0: Exploring the QA statistics

By Xisco Faulí, Quality Assurance (QA) engineer

LibreOffice 6.0 was released on January 31 and this is what happened during its development in LibreOffice’s Bugzilla, which started when the 5.4 branch was branched off from master on May 18 2017.

Note: This blog post has been created based on bugs in Bugzilla that have the whiteboard ‘target:6.0.0’,

LibreOffice 6.0: The stats so far

On January 31, we released LibreOffice 6.0 (shortly followed up by 6.0.1). So what has happened in the last two weeks? Let’s look at some statistics…


Yes, there have been almost 1 million downloads of LibreOffice 6.0 since release day. Of course, this is just part of the overall downloads of

LibreOffice talks and presentations at FOSDEM 2018

FOSDEM is a major event in the free and open source software world – thousands of FOSS supporters get together to discuss new features, work on bugs, make new contacts, and just have a great time.

This year, many members of the LibreOffice community were there too, and gave talks and presentations in the