LibreOffice Help files have now a much better content editor

The LibreOffice Help documentation project members have now a much better Help editor, thanks to Juan José Gonzales (JJ) of the TDF team.

Based on the editor originally created by Olivier Hallot and Mike Saunders, the new editor was greatly improved by JJ fixing many usability issues, adding a handy toolbar to the editor and automating some tasks for rendering the help page.

The Help editor renders the page in a way to assist the content editor in dealing with the several specific XML tags used in the Help pages. It displays the resulting page with information on links, embeds and other information, including switches that changes contents based on the system and the application.

The editor is also capable to perform checking, notably XML conformity, DTD compliance and best of all, paragraph’s ID uniqueness, which is the most common mistake in writing Help pages.

Content editors can access the editor at the address here, and source code for the Help editor is available for download and improvements on this page.