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Annual Report: TDF’s infrastructure in 2021

In 2021, the infrastructure team migrated our “Ask LibreOffice” site to Discourse, deployed a Decidim instance, and assisted with video streaming during the LibreOffice Conference.

(This is part of The Document Foundation’s Annual Report for 2021 – we’ll post the full version here soon.)

LibreOffice’s infrastructure team is responsible for maintaining

Build up your skills, and learn exciting new things!

LibreOffice is made by a worldwide community of volunteers, certified developers and many other people. Every summer, we participate in the Google Summer of Code programme: this is focused on introducing contributors to open source software development, and last year LibreOffice received a bunch of new features and improvements thanks to

Custom Shape Tutorial

Have you ever tried to draw special and complex shapes beyond the basic offerings of LibreOffice? A custom shape of the Fibonacci spiral defined by its equation and properties with handles to reshape size? Thanks to Regina Henschel, now you have a tutorial for drawing custom shapes of your own and use them in LibreOffice.…

Videos from FOSDEM ’22 – LibreOffice Technology devroom – now available

FOSDEM is a non-commercial, volunteer-organized European event centered on free and open-source software development – and one of the biggest such events of its kind. This year, it took place online again, due to the pandemic.

Many LibreOffice community volunteers and certified developers gave talks at the conference, and now

FOSDEM 2022 – News from the ODF Toolkit (with Notes) by Svante Schubert

You can access and download Svante Schubert’s slides about “News from the ODF Toolkit” which was supposed to be features during FOSDEM 2022 but for some reason didn’t work out.


Download Link:


OpenOffice users: Getting messages about documents being made in a newer version?

Many OpenOffice users are seeing warnings when trying to access files in the OpenDocument Format (eg .odt, .ods). The full text is:

This document was created by a newer version of OpenOffice. It may contain features not supported by your current version.

In this case, the document was probably made in LibreOffice, which