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Interview: Guilhem Moulin on LibreOffice infrastructure and services

A large free and open source software project like LibreOffice requires a lot of infrastructure, to support our users, developers and worldwide community. Today we speak to Guilhem Moulin, who is in charge of TDF’s infrastructure and services, about new developments and how others can get involved…

To start, please give us

LibreOffice at droidcon Vienna

LibreOffice is available for Android smartphones and tablets – albeit as a “Viewer” application, for checking documents on the go. There is an experimental editing mode, but it still needs more work, and we’d love to have more help and feedback to improve it!

So to spread the word amongst potential contributors,

How LibreOffice’s quality has improved thanks to automated tools and the volunteer contribution of security specialists

Berlin, July 25, 2018 – The Document Foundation celebrates five years of improvements to LibreOffice’s source code under Red Hat’s leadership, thanks to the adoption of automated tools such as Coverity Scan and Google OSS-Fuzz, and to the key contributions in the area of source code fuzzing of security specialists such as Antti Levomäki and

LibreOffice talks and presentations at FOSDEM 2018

FOSDEM is a major event in the free and open source software world – thousands of FOSS supporters get together to discuss new features, work on bugs, make new contacts, and just have a great time.

This year, many members of the LibreOffice community were there too, and gave talks and presentations in the

The LibreOffice Mardi Gras Party for Help: What’s new and fun in online Help?

Starting with the recent release of the 6.0 family, LibreOffice has now a brand new online help system. Unlike the previous version – based on the transfer of help content to the Mediawiki framework hosted by The Document Foundation – the new help is a direct transformation of the help XML files into simple HTML

Sunday Marketing #5

On Friday, we have announced LibreOffice 5.4.5 and LibreOffice 6.0.1. In both cases, it has been an earlier than scheduled – and expected – release, to solve a couple of issues which were considered significant enough to change the usually predictable release schedule. The first issue was related to security, and we decided to release