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DBMS migration in LibreOffice

In 2017, The Document Foundation (TDF) launched four tenders aimed at improving LibreOffice in several strategic areas,

Image handling rework for LibreOffice – Collabora’s tender results

Donations to The Document Foundation are used for many purposes, such as organising events, maintaining our infrastructure, and paying a small team to handle QA, marketing, documentation and other tasks. But donations are also used to fund tenders, whereby companies and individuals improve LibreOffice in specific areas and share knowledge with the community.

One such

Welcome gla11y, the user interface accessibility checker!

LibreOffice is designed with great attention to accessibility, to make the suite convenient and comfortable to use, and to cater to users with special needs. Last year The Document Foundation published a Tender to Implement Accessibility Improvements regarding user interface widgets that are added to the suite but which have accessibility shortcomings.

French company

How TDF uses its tendering process to improve LibreOffice and share knowledge with the community

Extended: Job Search for a Development Mentor (#201711-01)

We originally posted this in November, but we are now extending the deadline for applications to February 16, 2018. Note that we will be at FOSDEM (building K, level 1, group A) on February 3 and 4, so you can talk to us in person there!

The Document Foundation (TDF), the charitable entity behind

Tender for consultancy on LibreOffice feature implementation incl. on-site development training (#201801-01)

The Document Foundation (TDF), the charitable entity behind the world’s leading free office suite LibreOffice, seeks for companies or individuals to

provide consultancy on implementing features in LibreOffice

to start work as soon as possible. TDF is looking for an individual or company to give technical consultancy on the implementation of one or more of the following:

  • topic