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Coming up on 24 January: next C++ workshop – set and maps

After three successful C++ workshops, where you can learn about the language and put questions to experienced developers, we’re organising another one! This time, the topics are set and maps. Start by watching this presentation:


Next C++ workshop: 10 January 2019 at 19:00 UTC

Yes, we’re running another C++ workshop, where you can watch a video about a specific feature of the language, then join our community of developers for a live discussion! This time, the topic is abstract data types:

Four ways to get started developing LibreOffice

Coming up on December 20: Next C++ workshop

Improve your C++ skills! Last week, we had a workshop covering an introduction to the language, and looking at functions and strings. Participants watched a couple of presentation videos, and then had the opportunity to put questions to experienced LibreOffice developers.

Well, the second workshop is coming up! On December 20 at

Learn C++ with the help of LibreOffice developers

Ever wanted to expand your programming skills, and venture into the world of C++? Well, we’re here to help! On Thursday December 13, at 19:00 UTC, we’ll have a live meeting on our #libreoffice-dev IRC channel, to discuss features of the language and provide help. LibreOffice developers will be available to

Coming up on 25 – 28 October: LibreOffice Hackfest in Munich

The LibreOffice community organises regular Hackfests, where developers and community members meet up, work on new features, fix bugs and enjoy good food! Later this month, we’ll meet in Munich, in the south of Germany. Munich is situated just north of the Alps, and is known for its cosy old town, churches