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Brazilians in turbo mode: Impress Guide 7.0 in Portuguese is now available

The Brazilian LibreOffice community is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Portuguese Impress 7.0 Guide, the complete guidebook for creating high quality presentations in any environment, be it family, cultural or professional.

The book is 330 pages, and details the fundamentals of Impress, before covering the concepts of

Open Badges for French Math Guide translators!

Thanks to localisation volunteers around the world, LibreOffice’s documentation is available in many languages. Today, we want to say thanks to the French community of translators, who localised the guide for LibreOffice Math 7.0 – great work, everyone!

Each translator gets an Open Badge from The Document Foundation, the

Czech Writer Guide 6.4 is now available

Zdeněk Crhonek from the Czech LibreOffice community writes:

The Czech team has completed its translation of the Writer Guide 6.4. Big thanks to all volunteers, especially to Radomír Strnad, who initiated the translation and translated more then half of the chapters. Translators: Petr Kuběj, Zdeněk Crhonek, Petr Valach, Vendula Crhonková, Radomír

Writer Guide 7.1 is just out!

The LibreOffice documentation team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the Writer Guide 7.1

The book is a complete guide for users who want to explore the best resources of LibreOffice Writer,

The Brazilian Community launches the LibreOffice 7.0 Getting Started Guide in Portuguese

Timothy Brennan Jr.

The Brazilian LibreOffice community is pleased to announce availability of the LibreOffice 7.0 Getting Started Guide in Brazilian Portuguese.

The guide is intended for Portuguese speaking users who wants to begin their first contact with LibreOffice and needs a manual that expounds all the software’s  features and allows them to immediately start some sophisticated

Community Member Monday: Rafael Lima

Today we’re talking to Rafael Lima, who helps the LibreOffice project by updating its documentation…

To start with, tell us a bit about yourself!

I am a university professor in Brazil, and I teach and research optimization applied to management sciences. In my work I often need to write papers and prepare spreadsheets to