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LibreOffice contributor interview: Chandrakant Dhutadmal

LibreOffice contributors around the world have a big impact on the success of the project – we really appreciate their help. Today we’re talking to Chandrakant Dhutadmal, who is involved in various free and open source projects including Mozilla Firefox and LibreOffice…

Where do you live?

I live in Pune, Maharashtra State, India.


LibreOffice contributor interview: Nguyen Vu Hung

The Document Foundation’s wiki has lots of resources and materials for marketing LibreOffice in English – such as presentations, flyers, stickers and branding guidelines. But we also want to spread the word about free software and open standards in every country, so we really appreciate our international community which promotes

LibreOffice contributor interview: Daniel A. Rodriguez

Having concluded our video interviews from FOSDEM, we now return to our regular LibreOffice contributor interviews on the blog. Today we talk to Daniel A. Rodriguez, an Argentinian LibreOffice and Free Software supporter, who helps with marketing, translations and design.

Where do you live, and are you active on social media?


Video interview: Olivier Hallot, Documentation Coordinator

Olivier is one of the founding members of The Document Foundation, and has been involved in LibreOffice (and before that) for many years. Today he works as the Documentation Coordinator for LibreOffice, and in this video he talks about updates to the technology used by the documentation team, as well as the importance of

Video interview: Florian Effenberger, Executive Director at TDF

Florian is one of the founders of The Document Foundation (TDF), the charitable entity behind LibreOffice. He’s also TDF’s Executive Director, overseeing a small team that works on release building, documentation, QA, design and marketing for LibreOffice. In this interview, he explains how TDF is structured, how it’s funded, and how the money is used.

Video interview: Thorsten Behrens, LibreOffice developer

Thorsten has been involved with LibreOffice (and before that) for many years. He’s a developer and in The Document Foundation’s Board of Directors (BoD). We talked to him about how the project was born, and what the BoD does.