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The Document Liberation Project (DLP) is a sister project to LibreOffice, and provides many software libraries for reading and writing a large range of file formats – such as files created by other productivity tools. Thanks to the DLP, LibreOffice (and other programs) can open many legacy, proprietary documents, but there’s always room for improvement! Check out this short video to learn more:

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Fundraising, December 11

A picture of contributors attending LibOCon in Tirana, during a break. Most of them could travel to Albania thanks to the economic resources made available by our generous donors. Consider a donation to LibreOffice, to support our contributors traveling to events to talk about LibreOffice and ODF:

Community Member Monday: Iwan Tahari on LibreOffice migrations in Indonesia

Many companies around the world use free and open source software (FOSS) to reduce costs, improve reliability, and free themselves from vendor lock-in. Today we talk to Iwan Tahari from FANS, an Indonesian shoe manufacturer, which has migrated to GNU/Linux and LibreOffice:

Firstly, tell us about your company, and your role in it…

I work at the FANS shoes factory in Tangerang, Indonesia.…

Fundraising, December 9

Thanks to the resources made available by our generous donors, we can organise workshops to educate volunteers about the migration process to LibreOffice and Open Document Format. If you support our activity, you should consider a donation to grow the project and extend our activities to more geographies.

Fundraising, December 8

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Fundraising, December 7

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