Advent Resource #3: ODF Guidance by UK Cabinet Office (1)

downloadIn July 2014, the UK government has selected Open Document Format (ODF) – LibreOffice native document format, officially published as international ISO/IEC standard 26300 on November 30, 2006 – as the standard for editable office documents to be

Advent Resource #2: TDF/LibreOffice Press Releases

downloadThe Document Foundation issues a press release in English – and in other languages, according to the availability of volunteer translators – for major and minor software releases, and for other significant announcements such as new Advisory

Advent Resource #1: TDF/LibreOffice Press Clippings

downloadThe Document Foundation and LibreOffice produce a large number of articles in every kind of media, especially online: from dailies to tech magazines and blogs in every possible language. Keeping track of every publication is a

Month of LibreOffice, November 2016: The results!

Yes, the Month of LibreOffice has come to an end – and what a great month it was. We celebrated contributions from all over the world, in many different areas of the project: development, translations, user support, quality assurance, documentation and social media. Everyone is working hard on the LibreOffice 5.3 release –

LibreOffice contributor video interviews

Our “join the LibreOffice community” video includes snippets from interviews with LibreOffice contributors. Want to see the three interviews in full? Here’s the playlist – click the icon in the top-left to switch between the videos…

AskBot translation marathon in Basque language

bannereskubiLibrezale, an open working collective that has the objective to promote the Basque language in technology and are best known for their localizations of Free Software (they maintain Firefox, WordPress, LibreOffice and Gnome, amongst the others) are organizing an askbot