LibreOffice community focus: QA (quality assurance)

With LibreOffice 6.0 due to be released at the end of the month, we’ve been talking to various communities involved in the project. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve chatted with the localisation and documentation teams, and today it’s the turn of QA (quality assurance), which is coordinated by Xisco Fauli

What has the QA community been working on in preparation for LibreOffice 6.0?

Tender for consultancy on LibreOffice feature implementation incl. on-site development training (#201801-01)

The Document Foundation (TDF), the charitable entity behind the world’s leading free office suite LibreOffice, seeks for companies or individuals to

provide consultancy on implementing features in LibreOffice

to start work as soon as possible. TDF is looking for an individual or company to give technical consultancy on the implementation of one or more of the following:

As part of the tender, TDF is explicitly looking into on-site development training on these topics for the community to share knowledge and enable contributors to get involved.…

Sunday Marketing #2

In 2017, The Document Foundation has announced the availability of a Dashboard, based on data gathered from several development-related repositories. It is a very useful resource for marketing, as it can be configured to provide either an overview of the project or several detailed charts which can be used to get a more precise picture of what has happened in term of commits, committers, organizations, and issues.…

Wednesday Community #1

Our global community of volunteers, represented by The Document Foundation and based on many independent native language projects, is one of the main strengths of LibreOffice. Starting from today, we launch a new weekly blog post – scheduled on Wednesday – focused on community activities: events, seminars, conferences, projects with schools and central or local government bodies, achievements, etcetera.…

LibreOffice community focus: Documentation

Earlier this month we talked to the localisation community about the preparations they are making for LibreOffice 6.0, which is due to be released in late January (or early February). Now we turn to the documentation project, and Olivier Hallot, who is coordinating updates to guidebooks and a new help system…

olivier_hallot_07062010_964x1036What has the documentation community been working on in preparation for LibreOffice 6.0?

Sunday Marketing #1

Starting from today, we launch a weekly blog post focused on marketing topics. We will try to provide ammunition to community members advocating LibreOffice and the Open Document Format, and food for thought to people still trying to understand the viability of FOSS on the desktop.

Let’s start with some numbers about LibreOffice.

Although LibreOffice defect density score – according to Coverity Scan – has been around 0.00 per 1,000 lines of code for ages, we should never forget that it is the outstanding result of the commitment to quality of LibreOffice developers (and we should always mention it with pride when we present the software).…