LibreOffice 5.2 “fresh” released, for Windows, Mac OS and GNU/Linux

tdf-roadtolo52LibreOffice 5.1.5 “still” announced, for enterprise class deployments

Berlin, August 3, 2016 – The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 5.2, a feature-rich major release of the best free office suite ever created – targeted to early adopters and power users – with several user interface improvements and enterprise grade features.

At the same time, LibreOffice 5.1.5 has been released, for enterprise class deployments and more conservative office suite users

classificationLibreOffice 5.2 provides document classification according to the TSCP standard, and a set of improved forecasting functions in Calc.…

The Month of LibreOffice starts here!

Every contribution to the LibreOffice project – whether it’s a large code patch or just a small bug report – makes the software better for everyone. Over the last few years we’ve had many thousands of contributions from all around the world, and in May 2016 we really want to highlight all the effort goes in to LibreOffice.…

Tender to design and implement a profile safe mode for LibreOffice (#201604-01)

The Document Foundation (TDF), the charitable entity behind the world’s leading free office suite LibreOffice, seeks for companies or individuals to

design and implement a profile safe mode for LibreOffice

to start work as soon as possible.

For bug reports and QA issues, users are from time to time required to use a fresh user profile, i.e.…

Designing with LibreOffice

front-cover-web-200x300Bruce Byfield, a journalist who specializes in writing about free and open source software, has recently released Designing with LibreOffice, a book about our beloved free office suite, which is not the usual death march through the menu and standard tasks. Instead, the book takes two fresh approaches to the world’s most popular free office suite.…

TDF website has a brand new look

The House of LibreOffice and Document Liberation ProjectWednesday, February 10, we have not limited our activity to the launch of LibreOffice 5.1, but we have also updated the look of the 5 years old TDF website – our first web property, and our first website – by using the same template of the LibreOffice website.

We have also reorganized contents, to simplify the navigation.…

LibreOffice: Advent Tip #16

Options - LibreOfficeDev - Paths_002 LibreOffice can be configured according to user needs with the menu Tools > Options, which opens a context sensible dialog window with a menu on the left and many corresponding option pages on the right.

One of the least known options pages is the Paths one, where the user can modify (or add to) the default directories used by LibreOffice to store – among the others – Images, Documents and Templates.…