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News about the migration to ODF in Taiwan

Plan of National Chi-Nan University to Stop Purchasing Microsoft Office from 2018 Raises Heated Discussions in Taiwan

April 23, 2017, Taiwan – The migration of ODF keeps going in

Tender to Implement Accessibility Improvements (#201704-01)

The Document Foundation (TDF), the charitable entity behind the world’s leading free office suite LibreOffice, seeks for companies or individuals to

implement accessibility improvements into LibreOffice

to start work as soon as possible. TDF is looking for an individual or a company to design and implement, as a turnkey project, a tool to find and flag new

First Bug Hunting Session for LibreOffice 5.4

LibreOffice 5.4 is due to be announced at the end of July 2017, with many new features (those already implemented are summarized on the release notes page –

TDF Team’s Interviews: Christian “Cloph” Lohmaier

Christian “Cloph” Lohmaier has been LibreOffice’s release manager for quite a long time. We asked him some questions, to not only get better knowledge about his daily activities, but find out his opinions about The Document Foundation

The Document Foundation releases LibreOffice 5.3.2

Berlin, April 6, 2017 – The Document Foundation (TDF) releases LibreOffice 5.3.2, the 2nd minor release of the LibreOffice 5.3 family, focused on bleeding edge features, and as such targeted at technology enthusiasts, early adopters, and power

Visit of the Univention Summit 2017

The Document Foundation has enabled us to visit the Univention Summit in Bremen, so here is our report

Univention’s primary product is the Univention Corporate Server