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Community Member Monday: Nige Verity

Today we’re talking to Nige Verity who’s helping out in the LibreOffice marketing community…

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’ve been working in IT since the mid 1980s, spread across the aerospace, defence, science and financial services sectors. In the beginning I was mostly coding and testing, but as time went by I

Let’s do awesome things! Get support for your projects and ideas from our budget

Want to organise a local (or online) LibreOffice event? Need some merchandise to boost your project or community? Then we can help you! The Document Foundation, the non-profit behind LibreOffice, is backed by contributions from ecosystem members and volunteers, as well as donations from end-users. This helps us to maintain TDF, but

LibreOffice 7.2: A week in stats

One week ago, we announced LibreOffice 7.2, our brand new major release. It’s packed with new features, and has many improvements to compatibility and performance too. So, what has happened in the week since then? Let’s check out some stats…


These are just stats for our official downloads page, of

Community Member Monday: Jessé Moreira

Love LibreOffice too? Want to help us spread the word about it, and other free and open source software (FOSS) projects? Then we appreciate your help! Everyone can raise awareness about the importance of FOSS and open standards, like the OpenDocument Format, LibreOffice’s native format.

For instance, Jessé Moreira from the

LibreOffice flyer for schools and universities: extra design

Our LibreOffice New Generation project aims to bring new – and especially younger – contributors into the LibreOffice community. Earlier in the year, we created a flyer for schools and universities, and we’ve sent out printed versions to many people around the world.

Now, here’s an alternative design, thanks to Rizal

Annual Report 2020: Attracting new contributors to LibreOffice

Bringing new community members on board and helping them get started is an essential part of our work. Here’s what we did in 2020

(This is part of The Document Foundation’s Annual Report for 2020 – the full version is here.)

Onboarding tools and sites

Joining a large and established project like