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Linux and LibreOffice Migration at Eyüpsultan Municipality in Turkey

Many companies, non-profits, schools and other organisations around the world have switched to LibreOffice to avoid vendor lock-in and get back full control over their data. The Eyüpsultan Municipality reported from their migration to Linux and LibreOffice in recent years, which started in 2015:

This was a big decision, and

The First LibreOffice Latin America Conference is a success and achieved important community milestones.

Linguistic challenges, women’s participation in FOSS, interoperability, professional training, migration, scripting and much more were hot topics in the conference held at the Facultad Politecnica of the Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Paraguay.

By Daniel A. Rodriguez.

The event started internally on Thursday 18 with a translation sprint of the LibreOffice Guarani team, with the assistance of Olivier

LibreOffice Certification @ FSF LibrePlanet

Berlin, March 14, 2018 – The Document Foundation will present LibreOffice Certification to Free Software Foundation Members and free software advocates attending LibrePlanet in Boston. Lothar Becker, co-chair of the Certification Committee, will talk about migration projects and training activities related to LibreOffice, with the

Lothar Becker appointed Co-Chair of TDF Certification Committee

Lothar Becker, a long-time member of the LibreOffice community (and previously of the OOo community), has been appointed Co-Chair of TDF’s Certification Committee, which has been chaired by Italo Vignoli since its inception in 2013,

LibreOffice Certification is now available to FSF Members

Yesterday, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) announced that the opportunity to apply for LibreOffice certification for migrations and training is now available to FSF Associate Members. In 2015, TDF

The Document Foundation opens LibreOffice Certification for Migrations and Trainings to all project volunteers, to members of not-for-profit bodies, and to individuals of proven competence

LibreOffice Certification represents a business opportunity for value added resellers, based on the proposition of consultancy and training services

Berlin, December 27, 2016 –