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Behind the scenes at TDF: NLP/L10n

_SDS5526In the first quarter of 2016 a lot of work has been carried out by the community. On the events side, FOSDEM gathered several LibreOffice members together,

Behind the Scenes at TDF: Marketing in Q1 2016

Before going into the details of the marketing activities, The Document Foundation (TDF) is proud to announce that Mike Saunders was hired as Marketing Assistant in mid-February. Mike is known for the famous feature videos he made for LibreOffice 5.1, and he has kicked off the Month of LibreOffice Contribution in May,

Behind the scenes at TDF: infrastructure

alex-infraThe year 2015 brought some challenging and exciting developments regarding the ongoing restructuring of our infrastructure. At the beginning of the year, the migration of our existing virtual

LibreOffice documentation, help and beyond

olivier-cheToday, I’d like to talk about what is going on at the LibreOffice documentation project. My name is Olivier Hallot and I am a French national

Marketing Project: New Marketing Assistant

I’d like to introduce myself as the new Marketing Assistant at The Document Foundation. My name is Mike Saunders, and some LibreOffice followers may have already seen the 5.1 New Feature videos that I made for Calc, Impress and Writer. Others may have come across my work

Behind the scenes at TDF: Release Engineering

cloph_headLibreOffice proper

The year 2015 started off with LibreOffice 4.4.0 and 4.3.6 rc1 – only the Read More