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Behind the scenes at TDF: Marketing and Communications

Italo VignoliThe months between April and the first half of August have been rather busy, as I have been working – together with the other members

Behind the scenes at TDF: LibreOffice QA, so much accomplished so far this year!

Many of you are familiar with LibreOffice or one of its predecessors (StarOffice,, etc..), but you may not be aware of the immense amount of work that goes into the production of the software and the careful testing of each release. Although there are many different teams within the LibreOffice community who

Behind the scenes at TDF: Openness, transparency and projects

by Florian Effenberger, Executive Director of TDF

Florian Effenberger

With the second quarter being over, the longest day of the year having passed by, and summer vacation time coming up for many of us, it’s time to look back what happened at TDF the first six months of the year. With many projects, activities and developments going

Behind the scenes at TDF: Certification Project, an update

Italo Vignoli is one of the founders of The Document Foundation, and has been a member of the first Steering Committee and then of the first Board of Directors until 2014. He has been active in marketing since the launch of the project, and has created the LibreOffice certification project from scratch. He is a

Behind the scenes at TDF: Localization and Native-Language Projects

Sophie Gautier has been a member of the project since its beginning, and then a founding member of The Document Foundation and LibreOffice. She is extremely active in the Francophone and international community, and is a staff member of The Document Foundation. She takes care of the French translation of LibreOffice (interface and help), is a

Behind the scenes at TDF: Infrastructure

With the beginning of 2015, a new year packed with exciting projects and ideas around LibreOffice and The Document Foundation, we today finish our behind-the-scenes series, to share achievements in 2014 with our community and our generous donours, to whom we’d like to express our sincerest gratitude and thanks for their incredible and wonderful