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Coming up: the next LibreOffice Bug Hunting Session

A new release of LibreOffice is coming up – so help to make it the best version ever! LibreOffice 5.2 is due to be released at the start of August, and developers are busy working on new features and updates. With so many changes in the next version, we’d really appreciate your help

Month of LibreOffice, May 2016: The results!

So we’ve come to the end of the Month of LibreOffice, our campaign to credit the awesome work of contributors across the globe. And it has been a great month: we’ve seen updates and improvements across all areas of the software, from code and translations through to documentation and bug reports. So without further ado,

Keeping track of LibreOffice activity

noun_27464LibreOffice is a big project, with over 7 million lines of source code and hundreds of developers, testers, translators and other contributors spread across the globe. With so much activity going on,

The Document Liberation Project: What we do

While The Document Foundation is best known for LibreOffice, it also backs the Document Liberation Project. But what exactly is that? We’ve made a short video to explain all…

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Month of LibreOffice: Half way there

Yes, we’re just over half way through the May 2016 Month of LibreOffice campaign, and a lot of activity has taken place. So far we’ve awarded over 230 badges for contributions to code, translations, documentation, AskLibreOffice and social media. Take a look at that page and if you spot your name, click one of

The Month of LibreOffice starts here!

Every contribution to the LibreOffice project – whether it’s a large code patch or just a small bug report – makes the software better for everyone. Over the last few years we’ve had many thousands of contributions from all around the world, and in May 2016 we really want to highlight all the