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Status of Establishing the Foundation

With this blog post, we’d like to share the status on our efforts to establish The Document Foundation as legal entity inside Germany.

Thanks to the invaluable work of our lawyer, we now finally have a close-to-final draft of the legally binding statutes. The creation of these took a lot of time, because many of the

First TDF Advisory Board members demonstrate wide corporate support for LibreOffice

Strong backing for a truly free and vendor-neutral office suite
The Document Foundation provides solid grounds to build upon

The Document Foundation today announced the first members of its Advisory Board: Google, SUSE, Red Hat, Freies Office Deutschland e.V., Software in the Public Interest, and the Free Software Foundation. The new appointees will serve for an

Updated list of TDF members

Our membership committee has just published an updated list of Document Foundation members.

Lanedo supports LibreOffice

In our recent announcement of the Engineering Steering Committee, we wrote that Michael Natterer from Lanedo is having a seat in this body, contributing further to the development of LibreOffice. Here’s their statement of support: “Lanedo is proud to support LibreOffice, and participate in development and inside the Engineering Steering Committee (ESC)” said

Updates on the Foundation

Some time has passed since we announced that we reached the goal of our 50.000 € fundraising challenge. In the meantime, we’ve updated you on our legal process via this blog, and so I’d like to post another update on where we stand and what our roadmap is.

Numbers and Figures

Let’s have a look at

Who is a member of The Document Foundation already?

A regularly updated list is available at our website.  And if you want to join us, too,  have a look at the application.