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How many members does TDF already have?

An answer to this question has been provided by Sophie Gautier on our steering-discuss mailing list. Thanks for sharing, Sophie, and for the great work!

TDF at Flattr

The Document Foundation has been accepted as non-profit at Flattr:

Updates on Bylaws and Federal State

On the steering-discuss mailing list, I’ve just posted an update on the bylaws translation and the choice of the ideal German federal state.

Status quo on the Foundation, Part II

Recently, we’ve blogged about the current status of the Foundation, and now would like to give you some short updates to tell you where we stand and what’s still to do.

The translation of our Community Bylaws into German has been done. It took a tremendous amount of work to retain the spirit of

What we strive for

The Document Foundation and LibreOffice represent already a future path of development for the OOo community and the OOo code base, as it was originally announced on September 28, 2010.

The Document Foundation:

  • Is an independent self-governing meritocratic Foundation, created by leading members of the Community.
  • Continues to build on the foundation of ten years’ dedicated work

Status quo on the Foundation

A lot of people have asked what’s going on with the Foundation, and where we stand exactly. After the successful launch of our fundraising challenge, that brought us the needed 50.000 € capital stock in just amazing eight days, it is clear that the future Foundation will be located within Germany. Still, the Foundation itself