Statement about Oracle’s move to donate assets to the Apache Foundation

The Internet, June 1st, 2011 – The Document Foundation constitutes a global team of hundreds of developers working together to improve the LibreOffice product for the benefit of all users. We are governed by an open, and meritocratic community headed by a diverse interim Steering Committee, and a vendor neutral Engineering Steering Committee overseeing development.

Today we welcome Oracle’s donation of code that has previously been proprietary to the Apache Software Foundation, it is great to see key user features released in a form that can be included into LibreOffice.…

GreekLUG supports TDF and LibreOffice

The “Association of Greek Users&  Friends of FLOSS” (GreekLUG) is a Greek NGO actively promoting and providing support both to Free Software and to Open Standards.

We are delighted to express our full support to The Document Foundation and to the development of LibreOffice, a project that perfectly embodies all the principles of the Free Software Community.…

Lanedo supports LibreOffice

In our recent announcement of the Engineering Steering Committee, we wrote that Michael Natterer from Lanedo is having a seat in this body, contributing further to the development of LibreOffice. Here’s their statement of support: “Lanedo is proud to support LibreOffice, and participate in development and inside the Engineering Steering Committee (ESC)” said Martyn Russell, Managing Director, “our contribution underlines the quality and effectiveness of our software development and support services around LibreOffice.”

Developer Interview : Rob Snelders

LibreOffice can only exist because people are working on it: so please, tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Rob Snelders, a 28 years old Dutch guy. I am a programmer at a manufacturer of household equipment. I have studied Computer Sience at the Fontys University in Eindhoven.

In what other software projects have you been involved ?

I am also involved in T-Dose (, Ubuntu-NL.

What do you do when you’re not working on LibreOffice ?

LibreOffice Hackfest in Munich

Together with their Linux migration team (LiMux), we’re planning a LibreOffice Hackfest in the City of Munich, Germany. To determine the best date for it, let us know all your possible dates! Like last time, the Hackfest is open for newbies as well as for routined hackers. More details will follow soon, but first, we need the date.…

Why TDF should be the place for one united Community

I have not been subscribed to the marketing list for months, but due to Louis’ recent Cc, I was made aware of the discussion going on — so, as a representative of TDF, but also as someone for whom personally the community means a lot, let me say a few words.

I indeed see the current situation as an ideal basis for uniting things.…