A glimpse at our developer community

Since the start of The Document Foundation, we’ve been aiming for a healthy and vivid ecosystem, for involving many corporate contributors, as well as for strenghtening the volunteer developers. Looking at the current numbers, it becomes obvious that the developer community is indeed well balanced between company-sponsored contributors and independent community volunteers:

Employers with the most developers (total 300)

  • (Unknown): 205 (68.3%)
  • Oracle: 54 (18.0%)
  • SUSE: 20 (6.7%)
  • Known contributors: 9 (3.0%)
  • Canonical: 4 (1.3%)
  • Redhat: 2 (0.7%)
  • SIL: 2 (0.7%)
  • CodeThink: 1 (0.3%)
  • Bobiciel: 1 (0.3%)
  • Lanedo: 1 (0.3%)
  • Tata Consultancy Services: 1 (0.3%)

More than 24 hours to go…

…since we have just extended the deadline for sending in papers for the LibreOffice Conference. You can now send in your proposals until August 8th!

Less than 24 hours to go…

…until the Call for Papers deadline of the LibreOffice Conference closes. If you have something interesting to tell about LibreOffice, if you hack on the code, if you are involved in the community, or if you have something exciting to share – let us know!

Developer Interview: Tor Lillqvist

Programming is about people: so please ! tell us a bit about yourself:

Tor Lillqvist enjoying a beer

I am Tor Lillqvist. On LibreOffice IRC I am known as tml_ . I live in Helsinki, Finland, with my wife and our 10-year daughter. My son has already grown up and moved out. Some of my passions are trains (modern and recent electric and diesel technology, I am not that much into steam nostalgia), reading good books, listening to challenging and/or good music, the visual arts, architecture, and travels.…

What does it mean to be in the Board of Directors?

With the upcoming elections at the doorstep, many people ask themselves what it means to be in the Board of Directors, and whether they should run for a seat or not. Based on my experience with being in the board of the German association Freies Office Deutschland e.V., I would like to share some thoughts with you.…

Status of Establishing the Foundation

With this blog post, we’d like to share the status on our efforts to establish The Document Foundation as legal entity inside Germany.

Thanks to the invaluable work of our lawyer, we now finally have a close-to-final draft of the legally binding statutes. The creation of these took a lot of time, because many of the ideas and processes we have outlined in our Community Bylaws are innovative, and implementing them in a legal framework is indeed a challenge.…