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Annual Report 2019: LibreOffice in 2019

(Note: this is a section from The Document Foundation’s Annual Report 2019, which will be published in full in the coming weeks.)

In 2019, LibreOffice celebrated its ninth birthday. Two new major versions of the suite introduced a variety of new features, while minor releases helped to improve stability as well.

Throughout the year,

TDF new Board of Directors

The new Board of Directors of The Document Foundation has just started the two year term on February 18, 2020. Members are: Michael Meeks, Thorsten Behrens, Franklin Weng, Daniel Rodriguez, Cor Nouws, Lothar Becker and Emiliano Vavassori. Deputies are: Nicolas Christener and Paolo Vecchi.

Five people have been elected for the first time to the Board

Welcoming the new Board of Directors at The Document Foundation

In December, members of The Document Foundation voted for a new Board of Directors. The Board is the main administration of the Foundation’s projects and teams – including LibreOffice and The Document Foundation. The new Board will begin work after FOSDEM in February – and there are some new faces to welcome! Let’s

10/20: LibreOffice 10th anniversary in 2020, a year long celebration

Upcoming Elections for the next Board of Directors of The Document Foundation

Dear Community,

we hereby officially announce the upcoming elections for the next Board of Directors of The Document Foundation.

As per § 7 II of our statutes, [1] the Board’s term lasts two years. The current board started its duty on February 18, 2018. Therefore, it remains in charge until the end of February 17, 2020, so

The Document Foundation supports GNOME Foundation fight against a patent troll

The Document Foundation is always opposed to the use of patents to curtail Free Software development and use. The GNOME Foundation, a member of our