Fundraising, December 7

Consider a donation to support events organised worldwide by the LibreOffice community

Fundraising, December 6

Consider a donation to help native language projects organise events to improve LibreOffice. In a large country such as Brasil, donations help to reimburse travel expenses of people traveling for hours to join a central location, where they can work together at localising the software or the user guides.

Learn C++ with the help of LibreOffice developers

Ever wanted to expand your programming skills, and venture into the world of C++? Well, we’re here to help! On Thursday December 13, at 19:00 UTC, we’ll have a live meeting on our #libreoffice-dev IRC channel, to discuss features of the language and provide help. LibreOffice developers will be available to answer questions and get your started with building the source code.…

Fundraising, December 5

Consider a donation to LibreOffice to help the project attend events such as FOSDEM and volunteers from all over Europe to participate to the HackFest, staff the booth, and grow LibreOffice certification

Report: LibreOffice Bug Hunting Session in Taiwan

LibreOffice’s worldwide community is active in many parts of the project – in development, localisation, documentation, design, marketing and more. There’s also the Quality Assurance (QA) community, which focuses on identifying and fixing bugs. At a recent event in Taiwan, a Bug Hunting Session took place to check bug reports, as Franklin Weng explains…

This event was based on a course in the department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Cheng-Kung University.

Fundraising, December 4

Consider a donation to LibreOffice to help the project produce even more gadgets for volunteer contributors, free software advocates and proud users, to raise the awareness of LibreOffice and Open Document Format (ODF)