Community Week: Development – people, stats and tools

LibreOffice Community Weeks

Earlier in the week we talked to Jan Iversen who is mentoring new contributors to the development team. Let’s now look at some of the people involved, statistics from recent months, and the tools used by developers in their daily work.


Who’s who

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Community Weeks: Development – our mentor for newcomers

LibreOffice Community Weeks

Last week we looked at the documentation team’s role in the LibreOffice project, and this week we move on to development. As you’d expect, the development team is responsible for updating and maintaining LibreOffice’s source code – adding new features, fixing bugs, and making sure that the suite builds

First LibreOffice 5.3 BugHunting Session

noun_83830_ccLibreOffice is approaching the 5.3 release season with the first bug hunting session, on Friday, October 21, 2016. Tests will be performed on the Alpha version of LibreOffice 5.3, which will be available

Community Week: Documentation – who’s who, the tools used, and how to get involved

LibreOffice Community Weeks

Earlier in the week we talked to Olivier Hallot who’s heading up the documentation team in LibreOffice. But other people are contributing as well, so if you want to help out, here are some names to look out for:

  • Jean Weber is the author and original producer of the LibreOffice

Video: Join the LibreOffice community

LibreOffice Community Week: Documentation

LibreOffice Community Weeks

The LibreOffice project is made up of many communities working on different aspects of the software: source code, documentation, quality assurance, design and other matters. Some people are working full time, many others are volunteers, and we always try to make new contributors feel welcome.

So throughout October we’ll be