Marketing Project: New Marketing Assistant

I’d like to introduce myself as the new Marketing Assistant at The Document Foundation. My name is Mike Saunders, and some LibreOffice followers may have already seen the 5.1 New Feature videos that I made for Calc, Impress and Writer. Others may have come across my work in Linux Voice magazine in the last two years, and other computing publications such as Linux Format before that. (I’ve also written a book about Linux.)

I’ve been using, developing, writing about and advocating open source and Free Software since 1998, when I took the plunge with Red Hat Linux 5.1 from a magazine coverdisc. Around the same time, I discovered StarOffice, the commercial office suite which, of course, eventually became and now LibreOffice. I’ve seen the Free Software community grow from a grassroots movement to a major force in the computing world, and along with writing about and promoting FOSS, I’ve tried to give a little bit back with my own Free Software project: MikeOS.

So I’m really excited to be joining The Document Foundation – helping to promote and spread awareness about LibreOffice. Not only is LibreOffice a hugely versatile and useful piece of software, it represents much more: the growing importance of open standards and document formats. It’s clear that companies, communities and local governments are starting to recognise that fully open formats are the future, so it’s great to see adoption of LibreOffice all around the world.

I’ll be working on a part-time basis, helping The Document Foundation with various tasks and projects. We’re going to be at CeBIT in mid-March, we’re working on our Annual Report for 2015, and we have many ideas for presentations, events and social media promotions in the pipeline.

So far I’ve met lots of great people involved in LibreOffice and TDF, and no doubt I’ll be meeting many more – either in person at events, or collaborating on the wiki and mailing lists – over the coming 12 months. I look forward to working with you!

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