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Community Week: Development – people, stats and tools

LibreOffice Community Weeks

Earlier in the week we talked to Jan Iversen who is mentoring new contributors to the development team. Let’s now look at some of the people involved, statistics from recent months, and the tools used by developers in their daily work.

Who’s who

As with other large free and open source

Community Weeks: Development – our mentor for newcomers

LibreOffice Community Weeks

Last week we looked at the documentation team’s role in the LibreOffice project, and this week we move on to development. As you’d expect, the development team is responsible for updating and maintaining LibreOffice’s source code – adding new features, fixing bugs, and making sure that the suite builds correctly

Prototypefund: an opportunity for German freelance developers

The Document Foundation is happy to share with the community the opportunity represented by Prototypefund (, an excellent project for freelance developers based in Germany.

TDF Board of Directors encourages all hackers with the necessary credentials and interested in improving either LibreOffice or the Document Liberation Project to apply for the fund. Approved projects will

LibreOffice developer interview: Winfried Donkers

Winfried Donkers LibreOffice developer

In this week’s developer interview, we talk to Winfried Donkers, a Dutch coder who has been using LibreOffice (and its predecessors) for almost two decades, and today works on Calc.

Where are you based, and do you work for a LibreOffice-related company or just code in

LibreOffice developer interview: Krishna Keshav

Krishna Keshav LibreOffice developer

In our next developer interview, we talk to Krishna Keshav, a new contributor to the LibreOffice project who is currently working on Easy Hacks and plans to expand into more complex bug-fixes in the future…

Where are you based, and do you work for a

LibreOffice developer interview: Laurent Balland-Poirier

Following our previous interviews with Xisco Fauli and Muhammet Kara, we now speak to Laurent Balland-Poirier, who works in his spare time on Calc.

Where are you based, and do you work for a LibreOffice-related company or just code in your spare time?

I’m teaching chemical engineering at Rouen University (Normandy, France), and doing some