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Thousands of donors contribute €50,000 in just eight days to The Document Foundation

The Community around LibreOffice, the free personal productivity suite, has accomplished the next major milestone in establishing The Document Foundation as a legal entity. In just eight days, some 2,000 donors from all over the world contributed €50,000 for the capital stock necessary to set-up the legal entity in Germany.

“We still can’t believe it,” says

You are our rockstars!

Yes, these are emotional words, but we just have to say: You are our rockstars!

In just one week, thousands of donors from all over the world did the unbelievable: You all donated more than 40.000 € for setting up The Document Foundation as legal entity. Honestly, we never ever even dreamed of achieving that in

Go go go!

With your help, we can reach 20.000 EUR today! Thanks so much!

We’ve hit 16,000!

You are just AMAZING! Over 16,000 Eur came in already. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

We’ve hit 13,000!

Wow, over 13,000 EUR have been already donated for the Foundation. Folks, you rock!

Nearly 10,000 Euro!

Nearly 10,000 Euro have been donated already. You are wonderful, folks! Keep up that great support – with your help, we can make it!