Community Member Monday: Dominique Prieur

Map of LibreOffice community members

Today we’re talking to Dominique Prieur, who recently became a member of The Document Foundation, the non-profit entity behind LibreOffice…

Hi! Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m French (and my English is too poor and too bad). I live in Orléans, 120 km south of Paris. I was in the army for 18 months and then a civil servant for 44 years. I’m now retired. I read a lot, listen to music, play with Python and look at the sky and the stars 🙂 Oh yes, I take a lot of photographs.

What are you doing with LibreOffice right now?

I used to work for the Direction générale des finances publiques (French Treasury). We used LibreOffice exclusively. I managed the finances of large hospitals and had lots of very large CSV files to reprocess. Today, I only do basic office automation. Occasionally, I give free courses on LibreOffice, particularly on styles and regular expressions. I’m working with the Orléans prison to develop office automation workshops with prisoners.

Why did you choose to join the LibreOffice project?

I wanted to join the project to find out how it works “from the inside”. I don’t have much experience of it yet…

What does LibreOffice need for the future?

LibreOffice needs to listen to its users again and again. It must remain open source.

Many thanks to Dominique for the support in our community! And LibreOffice will always be free and open source software, so no worries about that 😊