New Generation: Flyer for schools and universities

In late January, we announced LibreOffice New Generation, which focuses on bringing younger contributors into our projects and communities. We’ve had many discussions in our Telegram group since then, and today we’re announcing our first finished project: a LibreOffice flyer for schools and universities:

The goal of this flyer is to not only make students aware of LibreOffice, but also encourage them to get involved and help to improve it. Joining a free and open source software project is a great way to build up skills and gain experience, for potential future career options.

Thanks to Fabio Pesari, Timothy Brennan Jr. and Maharaj for their help and suggestions!

So what’s next?

We’ve put the flyer source file on our wiki (in ODG format, for opening in LibreOffice Draw – font used is Vegur), so translations in more languages would be great! If you make a translation, please email it to us and we’ll add it to the wiki. Here are the translations we have so far:

And then: let’s get the flyers out there! We’ll print copies of these flyers, so if you want to distribute them in your school or university, send us an email and we’ll talk further.

Onwards and upwards!

This is just the first project in New Generation – and we have many more ideas…

  • Create certificate for skills: creating presentations, spreadsheets, illustrations
  • Provide materials for local training in schools, universities etc.
  • Set up a contest (eg Python macro programming) with rewards
  • Set up a survey for students and teachers to spread around on campus
  • Use Open Badges to reward contributors and confirm their work

But we need your help to make them a reality! Join our Telegram group and let’s do awesome things together 😊


  1. By idesmi