New Year, New Calc Guide for Brazilians and Portuguese-speaking Users

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Click to download the “Guia do Calc 7.0”

2020 was an terrible year.

We started the year with the expectation of an intense activity in LibreOffice but we were caught by the worst pandemic in centuries.

Nevertheless, doing nothing was not an option for our small team of Brazilians LibreOffice translators and Authors. Against adversity, we fought with the resilience of the winners.

We proudly announce the immediate availability of the Calc Guide 7.0 in Brazilian Portuguese.

The Calc Guide is the most demanded Guide by LibreOffice users and aficionados. It is a 500 pages detailing all Calc operation, from styles, printing, formulas to advanced techniques using pivot tables, filtering, databases and multiples operations, to name a few.

The “Guia do Calc 7.0” is a combined effort of Felipe Viggiano, Raul Pacheco da Silva, Túlio Macedo and Olivier Hallot, the resilient Brazilian LibreOffice documentation team as a gift for all LibreOffice users in the Portuguese language.

Brazilian Team

Happy 2021!


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