Announcing the Fourth Edition of the LibreOffice Latin America Conference

Latin America is a growing area for free and open source software.

The Latin American LibreOffice community announces the Fourth LibreOffice Latin America Congress, to be held at the Faculty of Engineering of the UNAM, Mexico City, on November 9th (Thursday) and 10th (Friday).

The congress brings together professionals, developers, academics and free software enthusiasts from all over Latin America. On this occasion we will have guests from Asia and Europe, to explore the progress, applications and perspectives of the LibreOffice project. There will be keynote talks, hands-on workshops and certification sessions with a wide range of topics, focusing on development, quality control, documentation and translation.

The activities and registration period will be communicated in the coming weeks through the event’s official website.

LibreOffice Latin America Conference logo

The members of the organizing team are Celia Palacios, Mauricio Baeza and Juan José Gonzalez from Mexico, Olivier Hallot (Documentation Team Coordinator), Gustavo Pacheco (Membership Committee member), both from Brazil, and Daniel Rodriguez from Argentina.

For the conference, they have proposed the logo above, based on the Quetzalcoatl and traditional Mexican colors.