Don’t know how to code – how to contribute? LibreOffice at the FLISOL-DF Brasília

The Brazilian Community Gave a Presentation at the FLISOL-DF event (Festival Latino Americano de Instalação de Software Livre) about the LibreOffice Project.

Translation by Timothy Brennan Jr.

With the participation of Luciana Motta, Henderson Matsuura, Túlio Macedo and Timothy Brennan Jr., all members of The Document Foundation, the Brazilian LibreOffice community had the opportunity to give a presentation on the dynamics of LibreOffice in Brazil and their interaction with the international project.

Timothy and Luciana gave a lecture in conjunction entitled “I Don’t Know How to Code: How to contribute?” demonstrating how the LibreOffice project benefits from the volunteer and participative work of those who have foreign language skills, professional proofreading in Brazilian Portuguese, marketing and the promotion of software products, as well as coding in various modern computer languages where the gains acquired by individuals is always the unique experience of working alongside a team of professionals, both domestic and international. FLISOL was, additionally, an opportunity for a personal get-together of the Brazil team. This event focused on interaction and the exchange of ideas.

Team Brazil

FLISOL-DF, in the Federal District of Brazil’s capital, Brasília, took place on April 15, 2023 at the campus of Taguatinga (one of the Federal Districts satellite cities around Brasília) in the Universidade Católica de Brasília with the presence of Professor Wesley Sepulveda, and was organized by a team of volunteers lead by Henderson Matsuura.

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