Interview with German Scholarship student Julian Hübenthal

In 2019, the German LibreOffice community unfortunately lost one of its most active members, Klaus-Jürgen Weghorn. In his memory, The Document Foundation decided to support a student through the Deutschlandstipendium initiative.

Let’s get to know him…

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I come from near Lüneburg. I graduated from the Wilhelm-Raabe-Schule Gymnasium in Lüneburg last year.

I have quite a wide range of interests, which certainly contributed to my Abitur [qualification at the end of secondary education] average of 1.0 and did not make my decision to study any easier. However, my main focus is certainly in the mathematical/scientific/technical subjects.

I like to ride my road bike and go cycling in general, and I like to travel, gladly combining both interests together.

What are you currently studying, and how is it going?

I am currently studying computer science in my second semester. The course is interesting and I like the challenge. However, I have found out that the course is not quite right for me. Therefore, I would like to change to business informatics for the coming winter semester, for which I am currently already taking the appropriate modules. I am impressed by what I have already learned in a comparatively short time during my studies. Apart from that, I have been able to maintain my Abitur during my studies.

Are you familiar with free and open source software?

I have already used free and open source software, for example the Linux distribution Ubuntu as part of my studies, or Eclipse even before my studies. However, I have not yet participated in such a project myself.

Apart from the questions, I would also like to thank you again for the support and recognition of my achievements.

You’re welcome, Julian! We wish you every success in your studies.