Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! The LibreOffice Draw Guide 7.2 has arrived!

Peter Schofield and the LibreOffice Documentation Team announcs the immediate availability of the Draw Guide 7.2, the update of the Draw Guide for LibreOffice version 7.2.

Draw Guide 7.2

Anyone who wants to quickly acquire knowledge about LibreOffice Draw and is new to drawing software, or may be familiar with another office suite, will find this user guide very useful. It introduces the main features of LibreOffice Draw. Although Draw is a vector graphics drawing tool, it can also perform some operations on raster graphics (pixels) such as photographs.

Using Draw, a wide variety of graphical images can be created quickly. Some of the drawing functions are: layer management, snap functions and grid-point system, dimensions and measurement display, connectors for making organization charts, 3D functions that enable small 3D drawings to be created (with texture and lighting effects), drawing and page-style integration, and B├ęzier curves.

A printed version is available at Lulu Inc, thanks to Jean H. Weber. The Draw Guide completes the LibreOffice 7.2 book collection, and opens the LibreOffice 7.3 shelf for more work and activities.

Peter Schofield

Peter Schofield

The Draw Guide 7.2 – as well as many other LibreOffice Guides – can be downloaded from the LibreOffice Documentation website and the LibreOffice Bookshelf website.

A big thank you to Peter and the LibreOffice Draw documentation team!

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