The Guia do Writer 7.1 is finally here.

Translation courtesy of Timothy Brennan Jr.

Brazilian computer users in general, the community of Brazilian free software users and supporters, and of LibreOffice in particular, have received quite the gift today: the Brazilian LibreOffice documentation team proudly announces the publication of the Guia do Writer 7.1, the most complete Writer word processor guide for the best free software office suite, the LibreOffice Community.

The Guia do Writer 7.1 is an extensive 570-page volume covering the most advanced text-editing techniques, from simple typing of a page to assembling multi-volume documents, including electronic forms, illustrations, tables, indexes and summaries, automation and export to numerous file formats.

The guide is the LibreOffice Brazilian documentation team’s contribution to the public. The team has used automatic translation followed by a thorough manual review correcting terms, drafting and stylistics of the Portuguese language, as well as proofreading. While rereading the content, the team is able to check the accuracy of the techniques described in the documentation and review the terminology used in the software, signaling to the LibreOffice translation team the inconsistencies found in the interface suggesting improvements in terms, changes in the vocabulary of the commands and correction of the software Help Pages. This feedback has served to make the LibreOffice interface even more robust, consistent and has helped consolidate its command terminology.

The Guia do Writer 7.1 is available in three formats: The traditional PDF with adjusted pagination for those who want to print the guide and bind it, the source file in Open Document Format (ODF) for free editing, and the installed online version on The Document Foundation’s servers for reading on tablets, your desktop browser and — of course — on mobile phones.

“The importance of the  Guia do Writer is enormous. I suggest reading it for all who need to produce professional documents, as well as using the guide for creating courses, video classes, and even material for public tenders” says Olivier Hallot, coordinator of LibreOffice’s global documentation. “We are working on the LibreOffice Community ‘s manual library to provide the most advanced user guides for all LibreOffice modules, and, other volumes are on the way.” added Olivier.

The Brazilian  LibreOffice Community documentation team is made up of volunteers from all over Brazil (and one person in Ireland) and has been dedicated to producing the reference material in Brazilian Portuguese. The team includes (name and state or country) Vera Cavalcante (São Paulo), Luciana Mota (Distrito Federal), Márcia Buffon Machado (Ireland), Jackson Cavalcanti Jr. (Pernambuco), Raul Pacheco da Silva (São Paulo), Timothy Brennan Jr (Rio Grande do Sul), Túlio Macedo (Distrito Federal), Diego Peres Marques (Rio de Janeiro), Rafael Lima (Santa Catarina) and Olivier Hallot (Rio de Janeiro).

The Brazilian Guia do Writer 7.1 can be downloaded at   along with other volumes for Impress, Calc, Math and the Beginner’s Guide.

The original Writer Guide 7.1 can be downloaded at


  1. By Ade Malsasa Akbar