Brazilians in turbo mode: Impress Guide 7.0 in Portuguese is now available

The Brazilian LibreOffice community is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Portuguese Impress 7.0 Guide, the complete guidebook for creating high quality presentations in any environment, be it family, cultural or professional.

The book is 330 pages, and details the fundamentals of Impress, before covering the concepts of slide masters, styles, presentation templates, graphic objects, transition effects, object animations, export to other formats and much more. It’s rich in illustrations and examples – as well as scripts for the most important operations when editing and running presentations.

The documentation team in Brazil grew with the arrival of Luciana Mota, Diego Marques Pereira and Márcia Buffon Machado. Here are the newcomers’ messages to all!

Luciana Mota

“I already used LibreOffice professionally when it was still I learned about the work of the documentation team in Brazil through social networks, and decided to participate. It was a good surprise to get back in touch with former colleagues and everyone excited about reviewing the texts and answering questions. I’m learning a lot from this team. The Impress Guide was just the beginning, and I am already working on the Writer Guide with this great team!” said Luciana Mota.

Diego Marques Pereira

“I followed the activities of LibreOffice through the Telegram channel, and the activities of the LibreOffice documentation group in Brazil caught my attention. I started with some formatting tasks – and then went on to review one of the chapters of the Impress Guide, and participated in team meetings to answer questions and learn a lot about LibreOffice. I am already reviewing some chapters of the Writer Guide (that I consider one of the most important in the suite). The opportunity left me with a new perspective on text editors and software documentation” added Diego Marques.

Márcia Buffon Machado

“I’ve recently met the skilled Brazilian LibreOffice documentation group and, from my experience in localisation (EN-PT) and enthusiasm for this software, I was welcomed and started collaborating with them. It’s been a rewarding experience! We’re sharing knowledge about the software and technical writing all the time in the virtual group, as well as in the weekly virtual meetings. I’m living in Ireland and, even with different time zones, I enjoy those meetings because learning is a social and collaborative process and the best way for building a better world” said Márcia Buffon Machado.

The Impress 7.0 Guide is the group efforts of Peter Schofield, Felipe Viggiano, Claire Wood, Regina Henschel, Dave Barton, Jean Hollis Weber, Samantha Hamilton and Olivier Hallot.

Jackson, Timothy, Vera, Flavio, Felipe, Raul, Tulio and Olivier

The LibreOffice Brazilian Portuguese documentation team is composed by Raul Pacheco da Silva, Vera Cavalcante, Jackson Cavalcanti Jr, Tulio Macedo, Marcia Buffon Machado, Luciana Mota, Felipe Viggiano, Diego Peres Marques, Timothy Brennan Jr and Flavio Schefer, coordinated by Olivier Hallot. The final assembly of the Impress Guide was in charge of Vera Cavalcante.

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