LibreOffice Macro Team: progress report

Macros help users to automate common tasks in LibreOffice. In September 2019 we announced a new team in our community to work on macro support. The last progress report was published in April 2020, so it is high time to look into what has happened since then.

If you are interested in contributing to the macro team (development, testing or documentation), we’d love to hear from you – please send an email to and we’ll get in touch.

ScriptForge Libraries

The biggest single event was the introduction of ScriptForge Libraries in LibreOffice 7.1. ScriptForge and its documentation is a collaboration betwen Jean-Pierre Ledure, Alain Romedenne and Rafael Lima. You can read more about it in the January 2021 blog post and the work-in-progress Help content.

Wiki docs

Nathan Ullberg continued working on Impress macro articles.

Celia Palacios improved the Python guide and added new macro tutorials, such as populating spreadsheets with data from an SQL database.

Alain Romedenne continued adding syntax diagrams and improved and expanded the Python guide and macro articles.

Mauricio Baeza improved and expanded articles and added new ones, such as Insert a comment with custom presets, Copy content cell from Spreadsheet to other and Charts in Calc.

Steve Fanning added several new examples of Calc macros.

Code contributions from macro team members

Alain Romedenne:

Andreas Heinisch:

George Bateman:

Tomoyuki Kubota:

Code contributions from honorary associate members

Compatibility fixes for Python 3.8 to 3.12 done by David Ostrovsky, Dante Doménech, Noel Grandin (Collabora) and Stephan Bergmann (Red Hat).

Anshu Khare:

Arnaud Versini:

  • Many cleanups and optimisations in Basic handling code

Arpit Bandejiya:

Caolán McNamara (Red Hat):

John Turpish:

Maxim Monastirsky:

Michael Stahl (allotropia):

Mike Kaganski (Collabora):

Noel Grandin (Collabora):

Serge Krot (CIB):

Shubham Jain:

Stephan Bergmann (Red Hat):

Tushar Kumar Rai:

Xisco Fauli (TDF):

Help content

Improved by Alain Romedenne:

Added by Alain Romedenne:

Improved by Rafael Lima:

Improved by Olivier Hallot (TDF):

Added by Olivier Hallot (TDF):

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