Hispanic LibreOffice Community: Fourth virtual meeting

Daniel Armando Rodriguez writes:

On Saturday August 22, in the Ibero-American afternoon/evening, the Hispanic Community met for the fourth consecutive month with panelists who covered several topics related to the office suite par-excellence in the FLOSS world.

The event was broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook. The activity began at 16:00 UTC, extended for almost 4 hours and presented speakers of 6 nationalities recognized for their participation and collaboration in the project. All the talks are available on the LibreOffice Hispano channel.

  • Ismael Fanlo, from Spain, presented the work with sections in Writer.
  • Celia Palacios and Jazmín Hurtado, from Mexico, talked to us about social service at the Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México and LibreOffice.
  • Daniel Rodriguez, from Argentina, spoke about the use of alternative fonts.
  • Xiomara Céspedes, from Costa Rica, gave a presentation on Mail Merge.
  • Ameck Bozo, from Venezuela, showed how to work with Linear Regressions in Calc.
  • Emiliano Gonzalez, from Spain, spoke about Base: Forms / Reports, HSQLDB / Firebird.
  • Klaibson Ribeiro, from Brazil, gave a talk on the Integration of Zotero with Writer.
  • Andrea Navarro, from Argentina, presented the creation and management of thesis and final works with LibreOffice.

This was, of course, an open event – free and aimed at anyone who is interested in knowing a little more about LibreOffice. Also, we thank our friend Servio Paladines from the Latin Community of Free Technologies, who managed the live broadcast.