New Czech translation of Getting Started Guide 6.4

Zdenek Crhonek from the Czech LibreOffice community writes:

The Czech translation of the LibreOffice 6.4 Getting Started guide is now available! The history behind this book is quite long: first, another team translated the version 4.2 guide in 2014, but they never fully finished it (didn’t do corrections, publishing etc.) Then they started to update for version 5.1, but never finished the translation. I was not part of the team in these days, so this is what I’ve found out from the mailing lists. Thanks to the CAT (computer-assisted translation) tool OmegaT, we could used their old translations and build upon it. In 2020 we started translation again with version 6.0, but we quickly jumped to version 6.4 and followed the documentation team’s updates.

The translation was a team effort – a big thanks to:

  • Anna Benc
  • Eliška Rolfová
  • Lucie Studená
  • Marcela Tomešová
  • Miloš Šrámek
  • Petr Kuběj
  • Petr Valach
  • Roman Toman
  • Vendula Crhonková
  • Zdeněk Crhonek
  • Zuzana Kašparová
  • Zuzana Pitříková

Great work! Everyone is welcome to join our documentation community. It’s a great way to build up skills for a potential future career in technical writing…

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