LibreOffice is a hot target for the Google Season of Docs 2020

For the second year in a row, The Document Foundation has been accepted as an organization in the Google Season of Docs, a programme whose goals are to give technical writers an opportunity to participate in contributing to open source projects, and to give open source projects an opportunity to engage the technical writing community.

This year we offer a wide range of projects for technical writers, and we’re extending the reach by providing projects for e-learning, mathematical documentation and code-oriented documentation.

During the programme, technical writers will spend a few months working closely with the LibreOffice community, bringing their technical writing expertise to the project’s documentation, and at the same time learning about the open source project and new technologies. Similarly, LibreOffice documentation team members will work with the technical writers to improve the project’s documentation and processes.

LibreOffice is an advanced office suite covering many areas of knowledge, from maths and sciences, engineering, financials, editing, drawing, printing and more. LibreOffice is also an application that is used cross-industry – so it’s a very rich opportunity for technical writing.

Olivier Hallot, LibreOffice’s documentation coordinator, will lead the GSoD project, supported by Ilmari Lauhakangas and members of the LibreOffice documentation team.

All information about the Google Seasons of Docs is on the GSoD website. An outline of the project’s different steps is available on the GSoD timeline. The next deadline is June 8, as we we need to find interested technical writers to discuss our ideas, which are summarized on the following TDF wiki page. The list includes some of our project’s permanent challenges, but should not be limited to these items. Technical writers must read the technical writer page of the programme.

LibreOffice contributors who are interested in becoming a mentor for the GSoD project should get in touch with Olivier Hallot by sending him a message. We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. By Franck