LibreOffice Macro Team: progress report

Macros help users to automate common tasks in LibreOffice. In September 2019 we announced a new team in our community to work on macro support. A progress report was published in November 2019, so let’s review everything that happened since then.

If you are interested in contributing to the macro team (development, testing or documentation), we’d love to hear from you – please send an email to and we’ll get in touch.

Wiki docs

Thanks to Nathan Ullberg, many wiki articles previously only available in French can now be read in English as well. Nathan also updated existing articles and created an article about manipulating LineShape objects in Impress. Detailed lists of his work can be found on his wiki user page.

Alain Romedenne worked alongside Nathan with the macro articles and translations. He added LibreOffice Basic cheatsheets from Jean-François Nifenecker into the wiki and created a new article concerning input/output to screen with Python. Alain also started creating syntax diagrams for LibreOffice Basic.

Code contributions from macro team members

Andreas Heinisch:

Alain Romedenne:

  • Tests for VBA Enum statement, VBA Err object raise method and LibreOffice Basic Property Get/Set

Code contributions from honorary associate members

Mike Kaganski (Collabora):

Samuel Mehrbrodt (CIB):

Jan-Marek Glogowski (CIB):

Caolán McNamara (Red Hat):

Stephan Bergmann (Red Hat):

  • Various internal improvements to stability

Help content

Improved by Alain Romedenne:

Added by Alain Romedenne:

Improved by Mike Kaganski (Collabora):

Improved by Stephan Bergmann (Red Hat):

Thanks to everyone who worked on these tasks! Everyone is welcome to join our community and get involved – just email and we’ll get back to you.


  1. By Jouko Mäkinen