Help our community with social media in various languages and locations!

Love LibreOffice? Want to help spread the word? And do you speak another language than English? Then we’d appreciate your help! We have lots of community-created LibreOffice accounts on Facebook and Twitter, but some haven’t been updated for a while. The full list is below, with the date the account was last active – if you’re interested in helping to maintain one, join our marketing list and let us know!

(To join: send a blank email to and follow the instructions. Then you can post to the list.)

Or if you’re interested in creating a new account on another social media platform, such as Mastodon, that’s awesome too! This is a great way to help the LibreOffice community, and build up experience with managing a social media channel – who knows, it could land you a job somewhere one day…



Thanks in advance for any help 🙂


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