LibreOffice community at Czech free software events

Stanislav Horáček writes:

Like every year, we would like to say few words about our impressions and experiences from our Czech free and open source software (FOSS) conferences in autumn. As in the last year, we participate with our LibreOffice booth at LinuxDays in Prague (me and Zdeněk Crhonek), and at OpenAlt in Brno (Petr Valach and Zdeněk Crhonek).

We appreciated supporting words from LibreOffice users, as well as their questions and critical remarks – it was good opportunity to realise that LibreOffice is a really complex piece of software, and some ways of using it can be unpredictable 🙂 Some notes from the events:

  • LibreOffice Online is better known than at previous events, but still some people are surprised that there is this version, so there is interest in how to install it and get it working. We noticed a demand for an online service with LibreOffice as paid alternative to Google Docs for small companies.
  • Other quite hot topics were macros and (missing) automatic updates in Windows.
  • Examples of special questions: using a stylus and handwriting recognition in LibreOffice; a version for the Librem device; embedding LibreOffice in another application; creating business cards with pictures; saving values of Solver settings in Calc; filtering by colours in Calc…
  • At LinuxDays, I had a talk about a new Czech spellcheck dictionary (which also uses Wikidata as a source), available as a LibreOffice extension.

Thanks to organizers of both events for this opportunity and to The Document Foundation, the non-profit entity behind LibreOffice, for the support! We can really recommend these types of events, as you get feedback from both end users of our software, and developers/enthusiasts of another communities. Don’t hesitate to attend if there is a similar event in your country 🙂

TDF says: huge thanks to Stanislav, Zdeněk and Petr for all their great work! Native language communities are essential building blocks of the LibreOffice project, helping to share knowledge, spread the word and make LibreOffice even better for everyone. And everyone is welcome to join and help out!