LibreOffice localisation sprint (and other events) in Albania

The Albanian LibreOffice community has been super active in recent years, organising the LibreOffice Conference 2018 in Tirana, and regularly contributing with translation and marketing efforts. Sidorela Uku reports from a recent localisation sprint at Open Labs Hackerspace:

This was the first event I organized for LibreOffice, in collaboration with a friend of mine, Marcela Korreshi (our new contributor). The presentation included an introduction to LibreOffice and how people can contribute to the project in in various ways, while the second part was focused on translations. (In addition, I talked about

We had 14 people participating at the event, and as far as I can see from the translations, there are around 460 strings translated to review – and around 200 strings translated and reviewed.

Meanwhile, some more events are coming up in Tirana:

  • On 20 November, for Design & UI
  • On 23 November, for Marketing & Advocacy
  • And on 26 November, another event for Localization

You don’t have to register for the events, and they are free to attend – full details on this wiki page (Albanian language).

TDF would like to say thanks to the Albanian community for their help and contributions!

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