New Guide: Conditional Formatting in LibreOffice Calc

Roman Kuznetsov (aka Kompilainenn) from our documentation community has created a Conditional Formatting Guide for LibreOffice Calc. He says:

In this guide I wrote about:

  • How to create, change and delete conditional formatting
  • Multiple conditions for one cell range, and priority of condition processing
  • Creating cell styles for conditional formatting
  • All categories and all types of conditional formatting
  • Copying of conditional formatting

I want to say a very big thank you to Sophie Gautier for reviewing this guide, and to Mike Kaganski for fixing of some bugs in conditional formatting I found when I wrote it. I hope this guide will be helpful for many users of LibreOffice.

Click here to read/download the guide, and a huge thanks to Roman, Sophie and Mike for their great work! Most of LibreOffice’s documentation is produced by volunteers, so if you’re reading this and want to give them a hand, see here to get started.

Updating documentation in a large open source project is a great way to build up experience for a potential technical writing career, so join us!