LibreOffice community events: Cyprus and Japan

Happy new year! But before we really get into 2019, here are a couple of short event reports from our LibreOffice communities around the world, for events in December 2018. A big thanks to the organisers for their work, and the participants – you’re all doing a great job to boost the community, improve LibreOffice, and share information!

Cyprus: METU NCC LibreOffice Event(s) 2018

During the last weekend of the year (December 28-30), there was a series of events at METU NCC (in Cyprus), organized by the METU NCC ACM Student Chapter. The number of attendees at the seminar was much lower than the last year, probably because of the holiday season, but interaction/result efficiency of the workshop/hackfest was better than the last year. Most of the attendees were from the Computer Engineering department.

All attendees completed the “getting started” part of LibreOffice development. Some of them submitted their patches to Gerrit, and some are preparing to do so. Here are the event pages on on our wiki: METUNCCLODev2018 and METUNCC2018.

Japan: Kanto LibreOffice Offline meeting 2018.12

On 13th December, at the Yahoo! Lodge (1-3, Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), LibreOffice community members who are usually far away from one another met up for a chance to interact. At this event, participants had a question-and-answer session about translations, discussed some other topics, and prepared slides for the following day. Attendees included: Naruhiko Ogasawara, Shinji Enoki, Masaki Murakami Tomas Kapiye (from Namibia), Dieudonne Dukuzumuremyi (Rwanda), Hatem Wasfy(Egypt) Rin Nakamura and Atsushi Ueda. Here’s the event page (in Japanese).

Japan: Open Source Conference 2018.Enterprise

On the following day, the LibreOffice Japanese team did a seminar. This time, the speakers were Tomas Kapiye, Dieudonne Dukuzumuremyi and Hatem Wasfy(Egypt). Event page (also in Japanese). One of the talks was about “How African students contribute to LibreOffce” – click here for the slides, and here’s a video of it:

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And some photos from the Japanese events: