LibreOffice localisation sprint: Bengali

LibreOffice’s localisation communities translate the software’s user interface and documentation. They help to make a powerful office suite available to millions of people around the world, in over 100 languages! Biraj Karkamar reports on a recent localisation event in India:

Ten people participated in our sprint in Kolkata, on November 11. We made contributions together for the Bengali-India locale.

On November 4, we had pre-meetup on localisation portal basics. I gave the participants basic details on how to add suggestions and submissions in the portal. Also that day, participants created their profiles on the portal.

But in main event, we started with introductions, then we had a short recap on the pre-meetup. Then we had a hands-on portal. I showed the style guide of bn-IN locale translation, which we follow in open source localisation. Then the sprint started – which was almost five hours long.

Overall, the event was good and productive. Of course, it was fun too!

Thanks to Biraj and the community for their great work! See which other languages LibreOffice supports, and if your language isn’t on the list, help us to make it happen! Here are a few more photos from the event:

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