Recap: Free Software and Linux Days 2018 in Istanbul

Native-language projects around the world help to promote LibreOffice by translating the software, building communities, and attending events. Muhammet Kara reports on a recent event in his home country of Turkey…

I am back at home after the Free Software and Linux Days 2018 in İstanbul. It was a small and cozy event. The number of attendees was lower than the previous years, but on the plus side, we had more time for each visitor. It was also a good opportunity to break the ice between different segments of the Turkish Free Software community.

We had a nice booth, jointly run by LibreOffice Turkey and GNOME Turkey community members, next to the Pardus booth. We gave out stickers to the visitors, answered their questions about LibreOffice, GNOME, and Free/Libre Software in general. Community members also had a lot of time to chat, and to discuss the current situation and the future of our community in Turkey.

We also had three LibreOffice related presentation/seminar sessions:

  • LibreOffice Geliştiricisi Olmak (Being a LibreOffice Developer), by Muhammet Kara
  • LibreOffice Sertifikasyonu (LibreOffice Certifications), by Muhammet Kara
  • Açık Belge Biçimi (The Open Document Format), Nurcan Tür

And we now have all materials to set up a complete LibreOffice booth in any upcoming event in Turkey, thanks to The Document Foundation for funding the booth stuff, and the travel costs of the booth staff.

Please see the wiki page for more details, photos, and links to related tweets.

Many thanks to Muhammet and the other attendees and organisers! If you use LibreOffice and want to help promote it in your local region, join our marketing community and we can help you with ideas, presentations and materials.